Renewal Retreat Brown County

Date: July 21st-23rd 2017

Activity: Rejuviate and celbrate life in Nature

Time: 7pm arrival, 11am checkout

Price: $150

Interested: visit to reserve!

Group ​Rides

At Q's Bikes, we specialize in mountain biking excursions for established and expert bikers, But we also offer beginner programs for folks just getting started on the trails.

The Nuvinchi360 Internal Hub with patented control variable transmission technology makes shifting through the trails a blast! Make the move from gears to spheres with the Origin8 Crawler Fat Bike Rental.

Trail Rides: Every Sunday at 10am Valley Branch Retreat (XBC)

-Riders meet in the gravel parking lot in front of the zip-line building.



about us

Established in 2015, Q's Bikes was built after a handshake between two friends, Quincy Robinson and Gary Bartels. They brainstormed the idea of mountain bike rentals in south central Brown County, Indiana. They bought the materials, talked about a dream, and a business was born.

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